'O.C.' star set for reunion in show

Television, as the Rules of Entertainment dictate, needs a network show about a pretty brunette who speaks to spirits.

So with CBS' "The Ghost Whisperer" having been shuffled off this mortal coil, NBC is stepping into the afterlife market with "Ghost Angeles," an hourlong spooktacular rom-com that will reunite "The O.C." star Rachel Bilson with series creator Josh Schwartz (also of "Gossip Girl" and "Chuck").

"The O.C.," for those who recall, was set in a Newport Beach.

Per Deadline, the as-yet-unwritten project scored a pilot production deal with NBC after "heated bidding."

No word yet on when it'll arrive, but we're looking forward to seeing Schwartz take aim at Southern California once again with one of our favorite small-screen leads.

Just imagine: Haunted In-N-Outs? Pratfalls at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery? The possibilities seem endless. Fingers crossed for an Adam Brody cameo or five — after all, Summer, he did name the boat after you.


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