Photo Of The Week

One minute you are talking about what you need at Pep Boys, waiting for the light to change, and the next moment your world is turned and smashed upside down, literally, leaving you wondering what just happened. Such was the case for the two occupants in the car above who were broadsided by another car, flipping them over. Upon arriving, I noticed the downed signal immediately. I shot a low angle so as to put emphasis on the "walking" graphic, which everyone can relate to. I waited for the firefighters to walk through the scene to complete the shot. Funny thing was, while shooting with fellow photog Richard "Scoop" Kohler, the driver walked up to us, lit up a cigarette, and said, "So how'd you guys get into, like, photography and stuff." We were a bit stunned. The guy was almost killed, could have been killed, and now wanted to know how to be a photographer. We just laughed and asked if he knew how lucky he was despite the question. He said, "Yeah, we're lucky we survived, I guess," and walked away without a care. His day was interrupted by his car flipping over. He snapped a few photos side-by-side with us before the tow truck came. His attitude put a humorous light onto a situation that could have been seriously not funny. See you in the field.

—Don Leach

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