Surround Sound gets it on

It's dangerous to drive while listening to HB Surround Sound's latest release, "Get Your Dance On," because that's exactly what listeners will want to do.

The album, which was released Sept. 4, features 10 original songs. Genres range from ska to pop-punk, with sounds that could be inspirations from bands like Sublime and Bad Religion.

As the crowd roars at the beginning of the title track, "Get Your Dance On," listeners can easily imagine being at an HB Surround Sound show. And if the record is any indication, the show would be high-energy, since so many of the songs are catchy.

"Get Your Dance On" begins with a heavy drum beat and the voice of Jake Bushnell before transitioning into an infectious ska guitar riff. It is one of the catchiest songs on the album, and therefore serves as a great opening song.

Some of the other tracks on the album also give the feeling of being at a live show.

"We're HB Surround Sound. It's nice to meet you," Bushnell says before kicking into a song that pays homage to an Orange County venue: the "Detroit Bar" in Costa Mesa.

In fact, Orange County plays a big role on the album. The second track, "California," mentions that the band "left their love in Huntington Beach" to perform music around the world.

Frequently mentioned on the record, touring is something that HB Surround Sound knows well. The group is currently on the road with Matisyahu and the Dirty Heads, stopping in states like Texas, Colorado and Arizona, to name a few. Prior to that, HB Surround Sound has shared the stage with bands like Bad Religion, the Aggrolites and Avenged Sevenfold.

The album accurately captures the band's love of touring.

"Top of the World," an amped-up ska tune, and "Rock and Roll," a pop-punk song, both discuss life as a musician, including touring and being on stage.

"Get Your Dance On" shows how passionate the band is about music in general. The album does not sound like it was recorded by a local band, but instead sounds like something that could be played on mainstream rock radio stations.

Five of the tracks were re-recorded from the band's 2011 EP, "Back to Reality," showing that the band is serious about perfecting its sound. As a result, the songs now have a more mature sound, which could give other local bands a run for their money.

"Get Your Dance On" is now available for purchase on iTunes, and To order physical CDs and view tour dates, visit

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