Pets of the Week

Two-year-old Coco has the sleek look of a panther and her sister Foxy is a tabby. We call them the big girls because they have long legs and are bigger than the average cat.

Both like to be carried around like big babies, and enjoy high places to perch while relaxing like wild cats in the jungle. The pair is absolutely inseparable and the best of friends.

Community Animal Network has guided many to adopt pairs of kitties with great results. Having a harmonious multi-cat household is possible.

However, most people think cats are loners. This misnomer is confirmed when people with one kitty try to introduce another and are not successful. People who are cat savvy know that having two cats that are best friends is a simple way to insure happiness.

We have done our best to save Mr. Peabody's eye and have spent more than $900 to correct his eyelid eversion, which exposed the mucous membrane, but sadly his eye will need to be removed.

To help mail a check to: Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662, Newport Beach, CA 92658, memo, Mr. Peabody, Tax ID 33-0971560.

DIANNA PFAFF-MARTIN is the founder of Community Animal Network.

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