Pet of the Week

People who live with cats and know cats well are entertained and frequently amazed — and know how unique each personality is.

Community Animal Network's white and orange kitty, Macy, amazes his caregiver after his evening meal by turning the bedroom light off when it's time for bed.

Macy's sister, Tiffany, entertains by twirling and dancing like a ballerina. The pair are best friends and inseparable, and those in the know will always have more than one cat.

Most people pairing cats use the "gap" method (one older and one younger), which doesn't mean you will have made the right choice for harmonious life partners.

The way to select a good pair of kittens, or cats, is to pick one and then ask the caregiver who its' favorite playmate is. No matter what color or sex, adopt the playmate.

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