Pet of the Week

So many animals in municipal shelters can't find their way back home, but a tiny life-saving microchip brought a white long-haired kitty named Charlotte to Community Animal Network.

Since 2004, all Community Animal Network animals have been microchipped and protected by the organization if it can't locate the registered owner.

The little girl was just a kitten when we knew her. She's made herself comfortable with the family that originally rescued her mom while she waits for a new home.

Charlotte's petite body likes to curl up next to or on a lap, and her loud purr says she is content. She likes to be around people, and she's friendly and sweet.

Email for more information about Charlotte or see other available animals at

Your donations paid the $140 impound fees that brought Charlotte home. Your dollars are always at work. Please donate to help local animals; Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662, Newport Beach, CA 92658, memo, "Help Local Animals," Tax ID 33-0971560.

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