Pickled Monk gastropub in downtown Fullerton lets customers pour their own brews

God made monks. Monks made beer.

It’s a fact unknown to many: Robed figures with bald crowns have toiled in monasteries for centuries, trying to craft the perfect brewsky.

Pickled Monk, a new gastropub in downtown Fullerton, is short on monks, but long on beer.

The pub aimed at young-to-middle-aged adults features 30 taps, a varied menu of food items and a beer vending machine. But its uniqueness stems from its self-serve system.

Customers can purchase a card from the pub that is good for a certain amount of beer. Then they can head to the beer room at the back of the pub to pour their own brews. Glasses of varying sizes, including flight glasses, are available.

Above each tap is a tablet with information on each brew.

“People who love craft beer love to nibble at the different types,” said owner Tim McCune. “This gives them the freedom to do that.”

McCune is a founder of Salt Creek Grille, which is in Dana Point and a few other locations in Southern California and New Jersey. He’s running Pickled Monk with business partner Sri Divel.

Pickled Monk is McCune’s first venture out of that concept, but he’s confident in the unique aspects of the business, including the beer vending machine.

The machine holds craft beer as well as the lowlier lot like Miller High Life and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Canned wine is also available.

Although alcohol is an important component of the gastropub, the food doesn’t suffer for it. The menu was crafted by chef David Fune, executive chef at Salt Creek Grille. Fune is well-known in the food truck industry for his Los Angeles-based gourmet food truck.

The menu includes fried chicken and doughnuts, bacon-wrapped cheddar bratwurst, fish tacos, a Reuben sandwich, sliders, pretzel bites and steak frites, among other dishes.

“The goal was to exceed bar food expectations,” Fune said.

Pickled Monk is located at 101 North Harbor Blvd. #100, Fullerton. For more information, visit