Kaiser Elementary students saddle up for Bike Rodeo on Bike to School Day

Kaiser Elementary School students rode metal steeds onto the campus Wednesday morning from Costa Mesa’s Lindbergh Park for Bike to School Day and the second annual Bike Rodeo.

The event focused on bicycle safety and education as part of National Bike Month. The ride to school was supervised by Costa Mesa police officers who rode along on bikes and followed in squad cars to help ensure the students’ safety as they traveled 23rd Street and Santa Ana Avenue to the campus.

For the record:

10:15 a.m. May 9, 2019This article originally misidentified Kaiser Elementary Principal Deborah Granger as Kathy Dungan.

At school, students learned about bike and street safety in assemblies led by the Police Department. Students had the opportunity to participate in the Bike Rodeo on the campus basketball courts if they received a green Bike to School Day pass after dropping off their bikes at the courts.

Students with the pass could have their bikes inspected and parts and tires replaced if they were not in proper condition. They also could participate in an obstacle course. Bike helmets were handed out to children who needed them.

“Kaiser’s fantastic community … provided our students with an unforgettable experience,” Deborah Granger, principal at Kaiser Elementary, said in a statement. “We are especially grateful for the CMPD officers that kept our students safe early this morning on the exciting ride to school.”

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