No Place Like Home -- Karen Wight

I have never been a big admirer of ceiling fans. Yes, they're

functional, but until recently their style has been lackluster. Lately

I've taken a fresh look as ceiling fans, and I like what I see.

Ceiling fans have undergone a style metamorphosis. Their application

has always been worthwhile; they circulate the warm air that rises to the

ceiling and mix it with the cooler air that that settles in the middle of

the room to help regulate temperature.

If you have a room that does not have cross ventilation, a ceiling fan

will help you solve the problem of stagnant air.

But the white blade and white motor has always turned me off. It

certainly doesn't enhance the look of a room. Actually a bad-looking

ceiling fan detracts from the room's ambience.

Welcome to 2002. Ceiling fans have entered a whole new world. First of

all, they now come in every style and color combination imaginable. Next,

the controls are downright state of the art (including the option for a

remote control). And they come with a multitude of options, like fan

bodies that rotate to optimize breeze control and fan blades that come in

every color, stains and material you can think of.

Ceiling fans have both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoors,

ceiling fans are practical in rooms without enough air circulation, like

upstairs bedrooms that suffer from the "heat rises to the top" syndrome

and large rooms that are prone to "stuffiness."

Outside, fans are a great way to create a breeze in a covered patio

and just add style to an outdoor room.

Fan companies have answered the call for style by introducing fans

with mission, Asian, contemporary, retro, Victorian, tropical and

nautical themes.

Ceiling fans come with or without a light, a variety of stem lengths,

the option for up to three speeds and colors that would challenge a

chameleon. There are large fans, mini-fans and everything in between.

Blades come in numerous wood stains and paint finishes, and there are

options for palm leaves, wicker, woven sage, nylon fabrics, chrome,

nickel and brass.

Now that I've done a little research, I'm considering ceiling fans in

the upstairs bedrooms. The rooms get hot in the summer and stuffy when

the windows aren't open during winter.

I think I'll opt for a palm leaf fan in the older teen's room and

maybe go for a disco ball in the diva's bedroom. I know, a disco ball

sounds a little over-the-top, but then if you know Mary Rose, you'll


If you have a room that needs a breath of fresh air, check out the new

and improved ceiling fans. Fun and function can co-exist.

* KAREN WIGHT is a Newport Beach resident. Her column runs Sundays.

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