Shaking it all up

Lolita Harper

COSTA MESA -- Dressed in a white polyester suit -- ornately decorated

with blue rhinestones and silver jewels -- the King reached down and

softly touched her hand, looking longingly into her eyes while belting

out a melodic tune.

"Wise men say," Elvis impersonator Scott Robertson crooned, while

dropping to one knee. "Only fools rush in . . ."

Gertrude Pennington burst out laughing, happily clapping her newly

manicured hands as Robertson handed her a teddy bear.

But his attentions were not focused solely on Pennington. In an effort

to win the affection of dozens of women, Robertson worked the dining room

at the Mesa Verde Convalescent Home on Wednesday during a surprise


"I think he's darling," said Pennington -- who insists you call her

Penny -- after Robertson had moved on to another table. "What a lot of

personality that guy has."

Ordinarily a quiet space for early evening dining, the front room at

the hospital was converted to a concert venue, as Robertson performed a

number of popular Elvis hits. Robertson said he was there to celebrate

his -- uh, Presley's -- 67th birthday, which was Jan. 8.

"I know none of you are old enough to remember that far back, though,"

Robertson joked.

A cake was presented, and 6-year-old David Blindell and 4-year-old

Adam Guarracino -- who were there visiting great-grandmother Sylvia

Selcer -- serenaded the rock legend impersonator.

Selcer was visited Wednesday night by many of her family members,

including her son Marvin, who is also Robertson's agent. Although she sat

quietly near the wall, surrounded by necessary machines, Selcer's family

said they could tell she was uplifted.

"Any time you can make these people happy and bring a smile to their

faces, it is great," Susan Selcer said.

After a brief break and a costume change, Robertson was back at it.

Helen Levinson was another lucky recipient of Robertson's friendliness

and her husband, Cork, was gracious enough to let the King flirt with his


"I think he's terrific. Very talented and a great inspiration for

these people. They need a little music in their lives," Cork Levinson


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