Kids talk back

The Daily Pilot visited Costa Mesa High School to ask high school

juniors, 'What are you doing on Super Bowl Sunday?'

'Watch it with friends at my house and order some pizza.'

Cynthia Laguna, 16, Costa Mesa

'Sit down and watch it while having lunch. We'll have it at my house

and have people over.'

Daniel Collin, 16, Costa Mesa

'Be at home with my family watching it and maybe have a little party.'

Tyler Waldron, 16, Costa Mesa

'Not watching it. Me and my friends will be renting chick flicks and

painting our nails, anything that doesn't involve football.'

Mary Chessmar, 16, Costa Mesa

'Hanging out with my family and watching it with food. It's a party

thing. The best part are the commercials. I'll start watching it but

won't watch it all the way through.'

Andrew Barlow, 15, Costa Mesa

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