The Newport-Mesa Unified School District offers menu choices each day

at elementary schools. Students may choose a vegetarian entree if

desired. The selection varies and may be either a salad, sandwich or hot

entree. School lunches are $2.00 each. Here's what's being served this



Munchable Lunch Salad with fruit yogurt or chicken tenders with

dipping sauce, baby carrots with ranch dip, cranberry harvest bread,

choice of fruit and milk


Vegetarian health sandwich or sloppy Joe on a bun, potato wedges,

trail mix, choice of milk


Oriental chicken salad with freshly baked whole grain roll or

hamburger or veggie burger on a bun with lettuce and pickles, apple

cherry crisp, choice of milk


Munchable Lunch Salad or chicken tostada bowl with lettuce, cheese and

salsa, choice of fruit, choice of milk, cookie


Munchable Lunch Salad or turkey patty sandwich on a bun, baby carrots

with ranch dip, choice of fruit, choice of milk

* The Munchable Lunch Salad contains tossed greens, cherry tomatoes,

crackers and protein sources such as cheese, sunflower seeds, fruit

yogurt, honey-roasted peanuts and dressing.

o7 No child is discriminated against because of race, sex, color,

national origin, age or disability. If it is believed a child has been

discriminated against, write immediately to the secretary of Agriculture,

Washington, DC 20250.


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