Tiny jellyfish invade Newport beaches

-- Lolita Harper

Hundreds of thousands of little, globular creatures of the sea washed

up on the shores Tuesday until high tide finally pulled them back home in

the afternoon.

Newport Beach lifeguards said the beaches were littered with relatives

of the jellyfish both Monday and Tuesday morning. The circular animals

are called hydroids and vary in size from 1 to 50 centimeters.

The small sea creatures float on top of the water and are carried to

shore by the wind, lifeguards said. Like jellyfish, hydroids are also

packed with stinging cells.

The heaviest sightings of hydroids were at 56th Street in the early

morning. High tide rolled in about 2 p.m today, and by 3 p.m. only a few


Lifeguards did not report any injuries as a result of their presence.

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