Film Review

Jennifer K Mahal

If you're looking for a frothy way to spend a few hours, then watching

"Grownups" is probably a good idea. Otherwise, relegate this lightweight

film about friendship and wife swapping in Freehold, N.J., to late night


Doug Finelli's film stars John Stamos and Daniel London as two best

friends (Steve and Eric) in their 30s who are bored with their lives.

Both are married to beautiful women, both have successful careers; it's

just that both are dissatisfied and want that elusive "something more."

When a joke about wife swapping gets out of hand, the pair gets

intrigued by the idea of actually doing it -- swapping Steve's wife,

Claire (Tara Westwood), for Eric's wife, Ami (Meredith Salenger). Getting

the women, especially Ami, to agree is a challenge.

Though not offensive, "Grownups" never manages more than tepid

laughter. Watching two otherwise happy men invent conflict in their lives

gets stale in a short amount of time.

* "Grownups" will play at 6 tonight at Edwards Island 1, 999 Newport

Center Drive, Newport Beach.

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