Weather tidbits

Dennis McTighe

El Nino’s effects will begin taking hold by July or August. That means

we’ll get dumped on big time next year.

On this date in 1997, the water temperature was an incredible 74


degrees. It would not sink below 70 degrees until Thanksgiving that year.

Monday the water temperature was 59 degrees.

I shall welcome the new El Nino with open arms.

Looking back on past El Ninos the summer of 1972 set a new precedent



Every eastern Pacific hurricane, from Ava to Tanya, was a category

three or stronger. They were all named after ladies until 1976 when the

national organization of fur traders demanded a man’s name every other


Every storm gave us a south swell anywhere from 6- to 15-feet plus

75-degree water all summer with 11 electrical storms in Laguna Beach

between June (no gloom that year) and October.


Then we got 25 inches of rain that winter. All other surf summers have

been compared to 1972. Only ’83 and ’97 have even come close.

El Nino 1976 had the water at 70 degrees up to Halloween and nine days

straight of thunderstorms in September. Sleepy Hollow broke like crazy.

Guys were riding all the way to the steps in front of Dr. Bill Anderson’s


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