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Editorial policy for Community Forum

Welcome to the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot’s Community Forum pages.

On these pages, readers will find lively debate and thoughtful

discussions on important issues facing Laguna Beach.

Each week, the page will include an unsigned, staff editorial on an


important topic in town, a cartoon by a local artist, a lengthy community

commentary piece called Sounding Off and a collection of letters to the

editor called Mailbag. The rules for getting published on these pages are

simple. And without further fanfare, let’s get to them:


The writer must provide a name, address and contact phone number for

verification and proof of authenticity (they won’t be printed).

Like our news copy, the topic must be related to local issues only.

For example, the Coastline staff won’t be covering the war in Afghanistan

in its news pages, so in turn we won’t publish opinions about the strife

there unless there is a clear, local connection.

Personal attacks will be subject to editing.

The editors reserve the right to edit all letters or similar


correspondence for grammar, style, accuracy and journalistic standards.

OK, enough of the rules. Let’s talk about how to contribute. For

Sounding Off or Mailbag, send submissions via e-mail to, to our mailing address at P.O. Box 248,

Laguna Beach, CA 92652 or you can drop them off at our office at 384

Forest Ave., No. 22.

Thanks for listening and we look forward to hearing your opinions