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A self-proclaimed animal person


Jenny Engelstad doesn't own a horse, but she can help a person find

the right feed or grooming supply in a heartbeat. During her longtime

post as the manager of the Feed Barn in Costa Mesa, Engelstad has learned

a lot about larger animals but not enough to buy any, she said. Engelstad

has two cats and a dog.

"Horses are just big dogs to me," she joked.

Feed Barn has a well-deserved reputation for outfitting horse and

livestock owners, but the barn-like store in the 2300 block of Newport

Boulevard caters to more domestic animals as well.

"We have all the things that [large-name pet stores] have, but we are

nicer," she said.


If the folks at Feed Barn seem like a tightknit group, it's because

they are. Aside from their common love for animals and shared working

environment, the staff at Feed Barn is family. Engelstad works with her

sister-in-law, who is married to the owner.

"I've known all these people since I was 17," she said. "Now we spend

all of our holidays together."

The family tradition deepens, as Engelstad was first hired on to

temporarily take the place of a cousin who was managing the store.

Engelstad had just graduated from high school in 1988 and was living in

Chino when her cousin approached her with a summer employment


"She wanted to take the summer off, and she wanted me to step in and

take her place for a while," Engelstad said.

Engelstad learned the ropes -- literally -- and liked it so much, she

ended up staying. Fourteen years later, she's living in Bayview Heights,

running the store and related to her employers.

"It's a family business, and it shows," she said.


The family ties at Feed Barn translate into a friendly atmosphere,

which lends itself to a much more caring connection to customers,

Engelstad said. Staff members have been in the animal supply business for

a long time and are not too rushed to talk to clients about the

individual needs of their animals.

"We ask a lot of questions before we get down to the top three needs

for their pet," Engelstad said. "And we can understand that these are

issues people really care about because we all have animals ourselves."

Engelstad -- or any member of her staff, she might add -- can offer

expert opinions on bathing, exercise, special diets, particular brands of

food, hygiene -- you name it. She won't pretend to know everything -- or

try to steer you to one brand -- but she will give you honest advice.

"We are just overall swell people," Engelstad said with a big smile.

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