Council approves 3rd Street proposal

Barbara Diamond

A sundered City Council approved a concept design and layout for a

proposed Community Center between two other projects that are expected to

be constructed on 3rd Street.


The council voted 3-0 Tuesday for the concept presented by Wendy

Rogers of LPA, architects for the proposed triad, and directed staff to

continue discussions with Laguna Beach Community Clinic to determine

financial parameters for the clinic’s inclusion in the project. Mayor


Wayne Baglin and Councilwoman Cheryl Kinsman were banned from voting on

any aspect of the project because they, separately, own property within

500 feet of the proposed project.

Laguna Beach Seniors Inc. will fund the construction of a center on

the corner lot of 3rd and Mermaid streets, which the city purchased,

along with the property on which the community center will stand. The

seniors struck a deal with the city, which sets a $1 a year lease fee.

The Community Clinic is expected to ask for the same rent if the city


decides to purchase the property.

The inclusion of the clinic in the 3rd Street complex would require a

substantial financial commitment from the city, not yet finalized.

However, clinic officials have mentioned, when pressed in public, $4


Construction of the community/senior center project and land purchase

of the two sites closest to Mermaid Street is estimated to cost $8.6

million. That estimate includes replacement housing for the tenants that


would be displaced from the cottages now on the properties. The Planning

Commission will review the final version when it is submitted.