Tying one on for a cause

Suzie Harrison

Tie one on usually has a fun, carefree, let’s be irresponsible


But not always.


In the case of the Festival of Arts artists, its meaning is quite

contrary. Rather, the tie is representative of the bond the artists

share, working together as a cohesive team to help one another out in



Tie One On is a project that was created by longtime artist, mentor

and community friend Anne England. It was conceived as a way to raise

money to help artists who have suffered hardship such as a serious

illness, or in the case of the 1993 fires the money would have been used

to help artists who lost their studio’s in the fire.

The nearly 100 artists who participate are given a white silk tie as a

canvas to design and transform it into a piece of art -- some ties remain

wearable while others are framed.


After being exhibited from July 4 through 19, these one-of-a-kind

originals will be auctioned to the public on July 20 with all the

proceeds going to the artists’ in need fund.

“The artists can do whatever they want art wise, which is wonderful.

It gets you out of your box and own safe place,” England said.

“We have sculptors, photographers, jewelers all doing ties. It’s kind

of fun because they get really competitive, especially in the end.”

Local artist Mike Tauber has been an integral part of coordinating the


event this year and will serve as the auctioneer.

Last year was the first year, and England expressed how successful it

was raising $14,000 for the fund. This year the goal is to raise $15,000.

The money is available to help any artists, who have ever shown in the

festival during its 70-year history, who are in dire need due to medical

bills or illness.

The auction is on the festival’s membership day and everyone is

welcome. Laguna Beach residents get in free with proper identification,

as they do every day the festival is open.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., there’s a silent auction where interested

parties fill out their bid for the tie/art that they want.

The bidding starts at $50 per tie and goes up incrementally by $10.

From noon to 1 p.m. all the ties are sold and the winners must be

present to purchase ties.

“There are 140 artists. That’s more than one tie a minute that will be

auctioned,” Tauber said.

Last year Scott Moore board president got the highest bid for a

hand-painted original tie. It sold for $550.

“This year its really building momentum,” Tauber said. “The artists

have seen the pieces and results of last year and are getting more

creative and involved.”

With so much enthusiasm and participation from such talented artists

it should be a huge success this year.

“All the artists have encouraged me, have wanted me to do this and

have supported my efforts,” England said.

Tie one on is on the festival grounds at 650 Laguna Canyon Road.

Information: (949) 494-1145.

* SUZIE HARRISON is a reporter for the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot.

She may be reached at 494-4321.