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Staying as safe as can be

Now that a year has passed, it is more than natural to want to put

the horrible events of last year behind us.

Unfortunately, that is not going to be possible. As we put to rest

our feelings of sorrow, we were reminded just how vulnerable we


continue to be as the nation went to a heightened level of terror

alert in the days leading up to the anniversary of the Sept. 11

terrorist attacks.

So that’s our calling now. To keep ever vigilant. To ensure that


those entrusted and responsible for our safety receive not only our

moral but financial support.

At home, there are many fronts to watch.

We have miles of beautiful coastline, deep-water coves and are

next to Crystal Cove, where earlier this year a group of illegal

Chinese immigrants landed on shore. Famous events, including the

Pageant of the Masters, take place here. Tourists flock to the

streets of Downtown.


In the case of the coastline, we want to believe that the Coast

Guard and Harbor Patrol and all who protect us there are doing their

best. But is it enough?

There is talk, led in part by Orange County Congressman Dana

Rohrabacher, to change the Coast Guard’s role dramatically now. Such

changes seem, unfortunately, mandatory. The Coast Guard needs to be

on par with other arms of the military in terms of visibility and

priority. Guarding us here at home needs to be job No. 1.


We urge federal officials to continue keeping local agencies

informed of security risks or other possible hazards. In turn, we put

our faith in our police, fire fighters, harbor patrols and other

security officials to keep us safe.

At least as safe as can be.