A grand plea

Judging by the dissatisfaction of some merchants and residents, it

might appear that the first Laguna Beach Rotary Grand Prix will be

the last. But even if the numbers from the event don't show a

significant profit this year, signs are strong that future events

will be something to look forward to.

With a group of conscientious people on the steering committee,

it's likely the concerns of merchants and residents will be addressed

and the show will go on -- more smoothly and with even more

support. Some will say there's no reason to close off Forest Avenue

ever. But, if done right, businesses should be able to benefit from

early crowds and visitors who will fall in love with the city.

Is there a simple solution for any of the problems? No way. But is

it worth it to work toward solutions in order to keep the Grand Prix

going? Yes.

Not only is the event meant to raise money for great causes, teach

children some safety tips and allow businesses to profit from the

race crowds -- and return visits -- there is something else of merit

about the Grand Prix: It's fun.

People will visit the city from all over the country to

participate in a quality race, visitors can roam the streets watching

and feeling the excitement. Children will learn the rules of biking

safely and many will get the chance to race along the same track as

the professionals.

Life is full of normal days and kept routines. How fun to have it

all turned around and get out and wander the streets with the

neighbors, the spectators and the cyclists.

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