LAM art auction a success

The Laguna Art Museum, as always, has some new exhibits to explore

following on the tail of one of its biggest events of the year, the

20th art auction fund-raiser.

Appropriately called AAXX (Art Auction 20), the recent event


auctioned more than 140 pieces, raising more than $61,000. About 250 art enthusiasts and artists attended.

The auction was in memory of Joan Benford, who started the

museum’s auction to raise money for the children’s art program.

Opening on the main level of the museum on Nov. 3 is the


exhibition “In and Out of California: Travels of American

Impressionists.” The exhibit takes a look at California impressionism

and goes a step further, extending the boundaries by looking at

American impressionism and honoring artists from coast to coast, thus

giving impressionism a broader scope.

The artists’ work reflects California impressionism, and it will

be fascinating to review their work depicting their different

perspectives. The work of Alson Clark, Gardner Symons, Colin Campbell


Cooper, John Frost, Guy Rose, Charles Reiffel, Donna Schuster, Joseph

Raphael and Joseph Kleitsch will be shown.

On the upper and lower level, “Strange Fruit: New Paintings by

Hung Liu” has opened. Liu’s paintings are loosely based on

photographs during historic times and social changes in China taken

by early 20th century visitors.

Mural painter Liu was born in China in 1948 and endured the

re-education of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. In his work he gives his


own interpretation of the history, conveying daily life and the

cultural and social implications of those times.

Laguna Art Museum is at 307 Cliff Drive. Information: 494-6531 or


-- Suzie Harrison