Local politics is a thankless job

What in the world would inspire these people to run for local


Betsy Jenkins is the only newcomer to local politics this

election. The others all know what they’re getting in to -- a


thankless, thankless job.

They will stay up late hours and hash out details of proposed

ordinance changes with the consistent flow of community members

speaking their minds. That’s the best part. Local politicians get


nice phone calls and letters occasionally and are often met with

kindness and respect at public functions, but most of the

correspondence is critical, and it seems public meetings were created

to air personal grievances.

It’s a beautiful process really, it’s what we’re proud of in our

country. We chose these people to focus on these issues and do what’s

right for all of us. Even if we didn’t vote for them, they still have

to represent us, and we get to go to the meetings and tell them just


how to do it.

But still, it’s a thankless, thankless job.

Apparently, some people just feel the need to serve their

community. Of course, there are some perks, and there is the

gratification of being recognized at parties, but there’s no way

those perks would be worth it if they didn’t also feel the desire to

do their part for Laguna.

So, when everyone seems to be at odds and you’re in the middle of


it, taking shots from all sides, Betsy and all those elected and

appointed to serve, remember this:

Thank you.