Redeemer Presbyterian Church

* Mailing address: P.O. Box 4101, Costa Mesa, CA 92628

* Sunday service address: Westin Hotel, South Coast Plaza, 686

Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa

* Parking: Free.

* Telephone: (714) 875-0869

* Web site:

* E-mail:

* Denomination: Presbyterian Church in America

* Year established: 2001

* Service time: 10 a.m. Sunday

* Senior pastor: Jim Belcher. On Oct. 6, in a public ceremony

that came after nearly two years of intensive theological studies,

preparation and examinations, Belcher was ordained into the

Presbyterian Church of America. "The PCA takes the ordination process

very seriously, requiring, among other things, a theological/seminary

degree, a supervised internship, adherence to the Westminster

Confession of Faith and a requisite maturity and calling," Belcher

said. "It believes that whoever is called to the ministry is

entrusted with accurately handling the Word of God and correctly

administering the Sacraments, as well as with being above reproach.

This is [regarded as] a very high calling with far too much at stake

to enter into lightly."

* Size of congregation: 65

* Makeup of congregation: The average age is 30. Members are

mostly young couples, some with children, singles and professionals.

* Child care: Child care is provided.

* Type of worship: The Lord's Supper is celebrated weekly.

Worship is a blend of ancient and modern liturgy and music.

* Type of sermon: Belcher's sermons are expository biblical


* Recent sermon: "Chasing After Pleasure: Themes from

Ecclesiastes." The sermon was part of a series.

* Upcoming sermon: "Chasing After Accomplishments: Themes from


* Dress: Friday casual

* Visitor hospitality: Belcher and members of the church welcome

visitors, all of whom are invited to stay for coffee and doughnuts

that are served following the worship service. Visitors are given a

bulletin when they arrive and guest materials if they wish to have


* Church programs: Multiple community groups meet in homes during

the week. Wednesday night study is starting an in-depth study of "The

Westminster Confession of Faith." There are monthly gatherings and

outreach events. Details are available on Sunday or by calling the

church. Sunday school and child care are available.

* Mission statement: Redeemer Presbyterian Church exists to

ignite a movement of the gospel that changes people in Orange County

in every aspect of life -- spiritually, socially and culturally.

* Interesting note: The worship is accompanied by a grand piano,

soprano saxophone, flute, classical guitar and cello. "It will stir

your soul like never before," Belcher said. "If you have been

searching for a church with more meaningful worship, more depth in

the preaching, more reverence in its tone -- yet a church that is

intensely joyful -- a church that takes seriously the mind as well as

the heart, then this church may be for you."

The goal of the church is to provide worship that is ancient and

modern, connecting believers in the present with the great history of

the Presbyterian church's past.

-- Michele Marr

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