Festival posters available




The Festival of Arts is exhibiting event posters from the past 20


years at Wells Fargo Bank on the third floor.

Each year a new poster is chosen to represent the festival and is

designed by an exhibiting artist. The exhibit is a retrospective of

the posters from throughout the year.


Many local business and Laguna residents have them adorning their

walls. They’ve become a nostalgic commodity. A good majority of the

original paintings are part of the Festival’s permanent collection.

Their private collection is expanded annually through purchases made

from the exhibiting artists’ work and consists of 250 pieces from all

different mediums.

“This is the first time we’ve displayed this art,” said Sharbie

Higuchi, marketing director. “It’s the first time we have had an


exhibit of this wonderful art collection.”

The exhibit, which will run through Jan. 6, includes reproduction

paintings by artists Mark Kerckhoff, Michael Jacques, Roger Kuntz and

Clarence Hinkle.

Kerckhoff is a well-known plein air artist who has won many awards

at Laguna Art Museum’s Plein Air Invitational. He also was one of the

Festival artists who taught junior members plein air techniques at

Heisler Park, letting them know that, with impressionistic work, the


artist can let his or her imagination flow.

The first opening day of the Festival was Aug. 13, 1932, and

Virginia Woolley’s “Flower Market” was one of the first paintings

sold. The piece is now a part of the collection and was the 1999

Festival poster design.

The poster exhibit reflects the history of the Festival and Laguna

Beach. In 1982, artist Armen Gasparian did a piece representative of

Crystal Cove. Also included in the collection is a more recent

depiction by Michael Obermeyer.

“The posters are diverse in theme and artistic style,” Higuchi

said. “It’s a great, affordable gift idea at only $10 each. There’s something for everyone’s taste.”

The exhibit is free. Anyone wishing to purchase a poster can call

464-4282. The proceeds are used to support the arts in Laguna Beach.

Wells Fargo Bank is at 260 Ocean Ave.

[seven-degrees] WARMS


A large solo exhibit by artist Roger Weik called “Textureologies”

is on exhibit at [seven-degrees] through Jan. 26.

His work dates from 1992 to the present and is comprised of more

than 40 pieces that Weik carefully selected to represent his work.

“In his early work, he keeps his palette monochromatic, but

provides ample visual interest by varying the shading of several hues

from ephemeral lights to a nearly impenetrable dark,” marketing

director Allison Ahlfeldt said.

His latest works are described as intriguing, with Weik using

paper, fiber and a silicone casting technique that involves placing

the work on the rough concrete floor of his studio.

“The floor gives the works a somewhat uneven texture that forms a

focal point once he inverts the ‘down side’ up into the picture

plane,” Ahlfeldt said.

The effect is alluring and brings textures to life.

[seven-degrees] is at 891 Laguna Canyon Road. For more

information, call 376-1555 or go online to

* SUZIE HARRISON is a reporter for the Laguna Beach Coastline

Pilot. She may be reached at 494-4321 or