"We can take a more humane approach...

"We can take a more humane approach and try to put children in the

closest school to make a connection with their teacher, with the

students, with the principal. Those are major stabilizing influences

in their lives."

Michael Murphy, the district's director of student services and

former homeless liaison, said about educating the homeless


"Why would we build a rail system to move people from one area to

another without going past South Coast Plaza. This is for the people,

not to benefit one specific person."

Tom Smalley, the general manager of the Wyndham Garden Hotel on

Avenue of the Arts, said about the preferred route for the CenterLine

light rail system.

"The prosecution themselves have acknowledged that the pool cue

was an innocuous object and not a deadly weapon."

David Macher, one of rape defendant Gregory Haidl's attorneys,

said while arguing whether the pool cue was allegedly used in a way

that caused great bodily injury to the victim -- adding that Haidl

did not touch the pool cue.

"I think it's gone on way too long. [The property] is a constant,

changing scene of debris."

Newport Beach resident Laura Perry said regarding the property at

1918 Dover Drive, which has been the subject of documented nuisance

complaints since 1961.

"It feels good because I know that people may not be that

fortunate and we can give them supplies they need."

Elizabeth Cornejo, 12, said while helping feed the needy during

the CM900 Thanksgiving food drive.

"They made a threat, and that is bad enough. We want to stop

[anything from happening] and get some help for him."

Robert Barbot, the superintendent of the Newport Mesa Unified

School District, said regarding a violent threat by a Corona del Mar

High School student made via the Internet.

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