An unfair sale?

Being a citizen of Costa Mesa, the home of the Orange County Fair, it

troubles me why Costa Mesa's county fairgrounds are singled out from

all other county fairs in California. If we're going to sell one,

let's sell them all.

And it makes no sense to move it and have to reinstitute someplace

else and take away our tax revenue. Plus it's a beautiful fairground;

it's a wonderful fair. I just attended it several times and had the

privilege of volunteering at a couple of the booths. It's a hometown

fair. It belongs in Costa Mesa and there are many other sources of

revenue. It's just one more thing to muddy the waters instead of

dealing with the real problem of the tax-revenue sources in


So I hope they will drop this idea right away and move on to more

substantive solutions.


Costa Mesa

The fairgrounds should not be sold. What a joke. Now Irvine wants

our fairgrounds. If houses or businesses were built on the fairground

property, who would work or live there with an increasing amount of

air traffic flying over? We should keep our fairgrounds.


Newport Beach

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