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Mailbag: Crime incidents show need for support

We Lagunans witnessed two terrible events last week that should concern us.

One was a man masturbating in the bushes while watching a child in a backyard. The other was a knife fight between four local teenagers that left one with a serious abdominal wound that required surgery.

All involved must be held accountable for their actions.

The fact that the man was homeless and the boys were teens has nothing to say about all homeless people or all teenagers.


To me, these events should result in two obvious actions:

1. The police and our legal system need to deal with the responsible individuals in both incidents.

2. We must all make every effort to support our teens and our homeless in order to have a town where everyone feels safe and protected from the lawbreaking few.



Laguna Beach

Many thanks to restaurants for help

We would like to say thank you to the local restaurants that helped make the Thurston Middle School fundraiser, Out on the Town on March 10 such a success!

We were fortunate to have the continued support of Lumberyard, Nick’s Laguna, Nirvana Grille and Sundried Tomato, plus the addition of Sorrento Grille in the “progressive" portion of the evening. These generous restaurants made out right donations of appetizers and beverages for more than 40 guests each!

Once again, the final stop of the evening was at the charming and hospitable Romeo Cucina, where more than 100 guests dined on a fabulous pizza and pasta buffet with dessert provided by Zinc Café

More than $5,000 was raised for the Thurston Middle School Parent Teacher Assn.

We are again reminded of the generous sense of community that we all share living in Laguna Beach.



Laguna Beach

Editor’s note: Cavanaugh and Moore were chairwomen of the event.