Songs for soles

A popular Disney Radio singing group is teaming up with a local nonprofit to provide unused shoes for orphans worldwide.

Jerri James, a Corona del Mar resident and mother of two, started the Orphan Campaign earlier this month and has partnered with Savvy, a teen pop group whose single "Dance With Me Now" is No. 18 on Radio Disney's Top 30.

The nonprofit is an extension of a second nonprofit also launched by James, Club GoBeDo, which had its start in September.

"[Club GoBeDo's] focus is primarily on teaching Christian values to children by inspiring them to care for orphans by donating shoes," James wrote in an e-mail. "…But, the launch of the Orphan Campaign website is catered to everyone, not just kids! It is a humanitarian effort to get new shoes onto the feet of orphans all over the world. Our goal is to reach the masses with the urgent plea to raise funds for 100,000 pairs of shoes to help the orphans."

The Orphan Campaign has raised $5,530, and because a $30 donation buys and delivers one new pair of shoes to an orphan, the campaign has the funds for 184 pairs of shoes.

Although accepting used shoe donations may garner more shoes collected overall, there is a single important reason why James's nonprofits only accept new shoes.

"It's important for the kids to feel worthy of brand-new shoes," James told the Daily Pilot in August. "It really makes a difference in their hearts."

How: Visit or http://www.clubgobedo.com

How To Help

What: Donate $30 to buy an orphan a pair of new shoes

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