Photo Of The Week

Last week staff photographer Kent Treptow captured an image from a demonstration outside the Orange County district attorney's office in Santa Ana. The people there were in support of the "Irvine 11." It had the look of a demonstration in the Middle East. Usually a photographer comes back with dozens of images from a news event of this size. There are shots of different people who find ever-more creative ways to make their point. There's always the sign waver who yells and puts a fist in the air. There's always the "pack" shot, which shows how many people were there. It's hard to choose from them all, and you have to be fair. But it was obvious when looking at this picture that it was the best one. The lady with the purple veil catches your eye right away. The tape squares over their mouths in a staggered formation show unity. It's obvious something is wrong to somebody, and that's the point of a good demonstration photo.

—Don Leach

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