Costa Mesa to trap coyotes

COSTA MESA — Animal Control is going to set up coyote traps along the city's trails and walkways as the animals continue to aggressively roam city neighborhoods and attack family pets.

The city has hired Urban Wildlife Professionals to set up snares on the north and west sides of the cities, where most of the coyote sightings have been, police officials said.

Traps will be in place March 7-11 and March 14-18. The snares are designed to not harm people or their domesticated pets, according to police.

The latest effort comes more than a month after Animal Control increased patrols near TeWinkle Park and the Mesa del Mar neighborhoods after some a couple of pets were killed there.

Police said coyotes typically search for food at dusk and dawn and prefer easily accessible meals, such as small pets left outside, or their food bowls.

—Joseph Serna

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