Mailbag: CM paramedics may have saved my life

This letter is to let the community know what a professional, competent and friendly group of folks who work as first responders.

I had to be rushed to the hospital about two weeks ago. I was in terrible pain and alone. I dialed 9-1-1, and these folks rolled in. Within minutes they picked me up from my front yard, where I had passed out, revived me, got me to the hospital and, in my opinion, perhaps saved me.

If that weren't enough, several days passed and the same folks in the Fire Department truck came rolling by the house. They stopped, got out, and inquired as to how I was doing/feeling? What good and thoughtful people.

Please let others know that good people make good things happen. Thank you for all for your help, support and good neighborliness.

Kurt Goeppner

Costa Mesa


Drivers, put the brakes on flip-flops

On Sept. 13, as many of us do every day, I was driving in flip-flop sandals. I was in the process of leaving the Whole Foods parking lot to turn onto Ocean Avenue in Laguna Beach, and after waiting for an opening in traffic, I began to pull out of the driveway. As I switched my right foot from the brake to the gas pedal, the flip-flop on my right foot wedged behind the brake and twisted.

When I tried to dislodge the sandal, the top portion of the sandal applied full-throttle pressure to the accelerator, shooting my car across Ocean Avenue and into a parked car. The impact created a deafening and frightening sound, deployed the air bags and jammed me into my seat.

Within minutes, I was being assisted by police, fire and paramedic personnel, and then taken to Mission Hospital, where I was also well-cared for.

It is difficult for me to consider what could have happened if my car had struck a sidewalk full of pedestrians rather than a parked car.

I share this terrifying personal experience to caution others of the dangers of driving in flip-flop sandals. The potential for danger is not worth the ease and comfort flip-flops provide.

Lastly, I received good advice from one of the officers who came to my aid. He simply stated that when he is wearing flip-flops, he slips them off before driving and added, "It is not against the law to drive barefooted."

Carl Post

Laguna Beach


Enough with Irvine, already

Re. Sunday's Daily Pilot: I have written previously, and so have others, about the coverage of "everything Irvine" in the weekend editions of the Pilot. You have really outdone yourself on Sunday. Practically, the entire edition are topics about Irvine. If you want to create The Irvine Pilot, that's fine, but your readership revolves around Newport-Mesa.

Terry Johnston

Newport Beach

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