Vandals destroy bus depot murals

The murals at the bus depot on Broadway have been removed, due to recent vandalism, according to the city.

Two of the four murals were slashed with a knife and tagged with graffiti in the last six weeks, City Cultural Arts Manager Siân Poeschl said.

The works, "Postcards from Laguna," were installed in December 2010.

The Arts Commission has held a public art competition to pick murals for the spot three times since 2001, rotating the temporary murals each time. The murals are funded by lodging establishments and the city.

Poeschl pointed out that there has never been any vandalism in the 10 years there've been murals at the location.

The committee met last week to look at possible locations to move the murals, she said.

The city indicated the Arts Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council early next year regarding an alternate location.

Both the damaged murals have been repaired by the artists.

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