Irvine extends city manager's contract

IRVINE — City Council members unanimously approved a two-year contract extension this week for City Manager Sean Joyce.

The contract, which provides an annual salary of $254,820, was set to expire in July 2013. It will now continue through June 2015, according to a city staff report.

"The unanimous decision is the reflection of his job performance as city manager," Mayor Sukhee Kang said. "Even during these tough economic times of the last three years, he really executed council direction well using leadership and helped all city employees work harder with less."

Kang citied the city's year-end budget, which ended in a nearly $14.4-million surplus, as evidence of Joyce's hard work.

"When the credit is due, we fully acknowledge it," Kang said.

Total compensation, which includes pension, auto allowance, cell phone stipend and other pay, for the city manager position is $337,889.15, according to the city website.

Countywide city managers average a total compensation of $281,699, with the average base salary of $207,808, according to a Orange County Grand Jury report released earlier this year.

— Sarah Peters

Twitter: @speters01

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