Election 2012: Council hopefuls start picking up nomination papers

Monday was the first day that local candidates could pick up nomination papers at the City Clerk's Office for the 2012 municipal election.

Candidates are required to get the signatures of 20 register voters to qualify for the ballot.

"We advise them to get 30, in case some signatures are deemed invalid by the county registrar of voters office," retiring City Clerk Martha Anderson said.

Incumbent Verna Rollinger was the first candidate to pull papers. She was in the office, over which she presided for seven consecutive terms until she retired in 2004, at 8 a.m. Rollinger lost a bid for a council seat in 2006, but won in 2008. She kicked off her re-election campaign in September 2011.

Former Councilman Steven Dicterow, who served for 12 years before deciding not to run for a fourth term in 2006, was second in line to pull papers at 9:30 a.m. Monday. Dicterow is on the board of directors for the Festival of Arts.

Robert Ross, who questions city council's and city counsel's expertise at meetings, showed up later that same day for his papers.

Deputy City Clerk Lisette Chel and City Treasurer Laura Parisi didn't have to travel far to pick up their papers on Monday.

Kathryn Doe, a frequent speaker at City Council meetings about the plight of the homeless, and Sean "ES" Macias, applied for their papers on Tuesday.

Doe listed her address as the Alternate Sleeping Location. Macias listed his place of business as the Thalia Street Surf Shop.

Planning Commissioner Robert Whalen was due in Thursday and incumbent Mayor Jane Egly had an appointment for Tuesday.

Eli Grossman, who has been critical of the Laguna Beach Police Chief and some officers, has filed an intent to run, but had not made an appointment to pick up the election packet as of Tuesday.

The nomination papers must be filed no later than Aug. 10, unless one of the incumbents backs out, which allows other candidates until Aug. 15 to file.

Candidates must also file Form 700, a statement of economic interest, which is required by the Fair Political Practices Commission of all local and state elected officials and designated employees, to whom the conflict of interest code applies.

A 200-word candidate's statement is optional, but it must be filed with the nominating papers if it is to be included on the ballot and accompanied by a $1,000 check to cover publishing costs.

The actual cost will be announced by the registrar 30 days after the election. If less than $1,000 the difference will be refunded.


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