Diapers being dumped on highway in Laguna

Adult diapers have continuously been dumped in north Laguna over the past few months, according to police, who said they have no suspects in the case.

Starting on June 27, there have been 15 incidents of diapers being dumped near the north city limits, Sgt. Louise Callus said in an email. The latest report was Aug. 26.

Callus said there have been anywhere from three to four individual diapers to three bags full of used adult diapers, which were placed in lanes of traffic near the north city limits and Emerald Bay main entrance. She said the reports come in during the early morning.

Dumping or depositing waste or garbage on a roadway is a misdemeanor, Callus said.

Back in January, the city of Corona del Mar reported it had a similar issue when diapers appeared on the road near Cameo Highlands.

News website Corona del Mar Today reported this week that the issue popped up again, when drivers discovered about a dozen diapers on the roadway at East Coast Highway between Cameo Highlands Drive and Morning Canyon Road on Tuesday.

Newport Beach Police spokeswoman Kathy Lowe told the website that they have no information on a possible suspect. Police previously told them that it would be difficult to track down the suspect unless they caught the person in the act.


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