Mailbag: Questionable signs at Marina-Segerstrom football game have no place in our schools

Marina-Segerstrom game sign
Two student-made signs were displayed at the Marina-Segerstrom high school football game recently. Community members of Segerstrom High, in the Santa Ana Unified School District, saw the signs as offensive.

The signs displayed at the recent football game between Marina and Segerstrom high schools are hurtful and racist; they have no place in an athletic competition, and the controversy must be addressed (“Signs at football game between Marina and Segerstrom high schools are criticized as having racial undertones,” Oct. 30).

A punitive approach to this behavior is not the best path to rehabilitating the pubescent perpetrators, however.

Instead, this incident provides for many teaching opportunities. Anti-bias and anti-racist education — steeped in history and made part of the social studies curriculum — would be timely and relevant and is a necessary intervention to mitigate such hate-based outbursts.

Further, a student exchange program between and among the various Orange County school districts — coupled with mandated courses in ethnic studies — would serve to increase understanding and to build bonds across and through ethnic and cultural divides.


Ben Miles
Huntington Beach

Do not build shelter on Superior Avenue

I am a Boy Scout with Troop 339 in Costa Mesa. I live in Newport Beach near Sunset Park. I am writing to you about a homeless shelter at 592 Superior Ave. that they want to build.

People who live around this area do not want a homeless shelter at this address because the homeless might trash and disrupt this area. They feel that homeless people will go to Sunset Park and sleep there and could make it unsafe for children who want to play there.

I think it is not a good idea to build a homeless shelter at or near Sunset Park.

Michael Caramagno
Newport Beach


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