Mailbag: Out-of-town protesters do not represent the majority view in Huntington Beach

The Babe Cave Waxing and Skincare owner Haily Lemaster, of Upland, holds a sign up during the "Live Free Protest to Open CA." protest at Main and Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach on May 1.
( Raul Roa / Staff Photographer)

Though Steve Shepherd’s commentary states Huntington Beach has branded itself a haven of ignorance, those who are protesting shelter-in-place advisories, as well as the municipal officials who’ve taken issue with the sanctuary state status of California, may be vocal but do not represent a majority of the city’s residents (“Commentary: ‘Ignorance, outrage and denial’ are becoming Huntington Beach’s trademarks,” May 5).

Like the supporters of the loudmouth leader of our nation have proven, the squeaky wheel gets the attention. Unfortunately, in the case of President Trump and the H.B. protesters, the wheel may roll off the road before it is properly repaired.

Ben Miles
Huntington Beach


Fondly recalling Obama’s Newport visits

Former President Barack Obama’s recent commencement speech exceeded my wildest expectations. I’m so proud to have met the future POTUS twice in Newport: first at a 2007 breakfast reception in Crystal Cove; and second, just before a rally in 2008 at the Balboa Bay Club.

Welcome back, sir. America needs you now more than ever.

Denny Freidenrich
Laguna Beach


Where COVID and climate intersect

The opinion piece on the similarities between the coronavirus and the climate change crisis rings true (“Commentary: It’s not a stretch to juxtapose the coronavirus and climate change crises,” April 24).

We need to be able to clearly look at the environmental dangers facing us. Our actions need to be based on facts and anchored in reality. We still have time to mitigate the worst consequences of climate change, but it’s time to act now.

Put a tax on fossil fuels to have them take responsibility for the environmental damage they cause. On a fair playing field, renewable energy will be the cheapest choice. Individuals win. The planet wins. We preserve a future for our children.

Avtar S. Khalsa
Los Angeles

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