Mailbag: Well wishes for Huntington Beach’s new city manager

Huntington Beach City Manager Al Zelinka, pictured in his office at Huntington Beach City Hall.
A reader writes to congratulate newly appointed Huntington Beach City Manager Al Zelinka, pictured in his office at Huntington Beach City Hall.
(James Carbone)

I was uplifted to read the interview with newly appointed Huntington Beach City Manager Al Zelinka (Al Zelinka relishes new city manager role in Huntington Beach, Daily Pilot, July 22). His mission as city manager is clear, as is his dedication to service. He is humble enough to admit to being a student of the ways and means of H.B. and curious enough to be a fast and effective learner with a vision for our city’s future. Welcome to Huntington Beach, Mr. Zelinka. May your success be reflected in the ongoing success of our citizenry and our municipal institutions.

Ben Miles
Huntington Beach

Little League lasts a lifetime

Heartiest congratulations to Laguna’s Intermediate Little League All-Star squad. While your recent defeat means you won’t be playing in the World Series, you certainly have raised the bar for future ballplayers here in town.

For some of you, this might be the last time you put on a baseball uniform. For others, you may end up playing for Laguna Beach High School. Maybe, just maybe, one of you will play college ball. No matter how many more games you play, my hope is you will cherish this summer’s memories for a lifetime. I speak from experience, because I still remember many of my 1961 Palo Alto All-Star teammates, one of whom ended up scouting for the San Francisco Giants.

They don’t call baseball America’s national pastime for nothing. For everyone who ever has played the game, or for those who simply enjoy watching from the stands, you know baseball is part of our collective DNA. I realize your loss stings now, but consider this: You and your teammates will forever be part of Laguna’s Intermediate Little League DNA.

Thanks for this summer’s memories and good luck to all of you in the future.

Denny Freidenrich
Laguna Beach

Vote could sway Laguna zoning

The Laguna Beach City Council has modified zoning standards in Laguna in an effort to neutralize the impetus of the Laguna Residents First smart growth ballot initiative that will be voted on in November. Residents should remember that it only takes three votes on the council to change any zoning rules in the city and with a majority of the council supported by big developer dollars, chances are that this is just window dressing. The LRF initiative will give residents a meaningful seat at the table to decide the future of the city. It all boils down to who you trust: your friends and neighbors supporting the initiative or the council members beholden to the developer dollars that elected them.

Susan Skinner
Newport Beach
Laguna Beach

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