Letters to the Editor: Opponents to House healthcare bill are uninformed, should wait for Senate to weigh in

President Trump talks to House Speaker Paul Ryan on May 4 in the Rose Garden of the White House after the House pushed through the American Health Care Act.
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

The letter from the UC Irvine medical student was ill-informed at best (“Commentary: Rohrabacher and Walters betrayed O.C. by voting for American Health Care Act,” May 4). My first question is, did the writer read the proposed healthcare bill? The American Health Care Act has not passed the Senate, and when, and if it does, pre-existing conditions may be covered. Through Obamacare, many lost their doctors, most insurers have opted out, many more people have insurance, but certainly not healthcare, and deductibles are ridiculous.

Obamacare is probably not a good benchmark. I have not read the new plan, and am certain the majority of those outraged have not read the bill either. The writer’s comments regarding the election simply sound like sour grapes.

Donald Trump is our president, and I realize a lot of people cannot wrap their heads around that fact, but it’s time to move on and, in 2020, hit the polling booths. All of this drama would have been avoided if people had a choice to keep Obamacare and those of us who want a choice could do so. In the meantime, can we stop with the hysterics, and let this play out before we all have a stroke?

Juli Hayden

Newport Beach

Barbara Boxer’s lobbying disappoints

How disappointing it was for me, a person who has cast a vote for Sen. Barbara Boxer each time she ran to represent California in the U.S. Senate, to read in the Daily Pilot that she is now a lobbyist for Poseidon (“Commentary: Barbara Boxer’s desalination plant lobbying betrays her legacy,” May 8). It is more than disappointing. Casting her lot in with a company that wants to privatize water, and now wants water users to sign a 50-year contract to buy all of their water and to help pay for their $1 billion desalination project, is a betrayal in the worst sense of the word.

After viewing the beautiful picture of nature’s beauty on her Facebook page I could only conclude that anyone who posts such a picture and then becomes a lobbyist for Poseidon and its plan to dump waste into our ocean, pollute the air that we breathe with the exhaust from their turbines and fill the airwaves here with the cacophony of turbines that whirl away day and night, has to be just another politician ultimately serving only her own interest. It is saddening to me to see that Boxer has cast her lot in with such a group.

People here have risen to the challenge of our recent drought. We have learned a lot about living in harmony with what nature provides. We understand the threat that pollution poses for our world. Our sanitary district captures fresh water each day and returns that water to the aquifers. This is done at a fraction of the cost and pollution of desalinating ocean water.

During the rains that we had in December and January, we captured more than 4,000 gallons of water in our rain barrels at our home. Think of what could be done if we were to spend that billion dollars on a system that would collect the water that nature gives us and return that water to our aquifers.

John F. Scott

Huntington Beach

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