Harley Rouda’s commitment to the environment makes him the better candidate for Democrats

Harley Rouda’s commitment to the environment makes him the better candidate for Democrats
Harley Rouda is a Democrat running for California's 48th Congressional District seat. (AP)

Re: "Hans Keirstead is the right choice for Democrats in the 48th Congressional District": I strongly disagree with the conclusion of this letter and the weak justification that was offered.

There was not one word of detail about protecting our coast and the environment, which is one of the most important issues for the coastal 48th Congressional District.


However, candidate Harley Rouda wants to protect our coast and environment and clearly states on his website that he opposes offshore oil drilling due to the risk it poses to our coastline, not to mention that it would continue to promote the use of greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels.

Also, Rouda opposes climate change-deniers like our current congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, and he recognizes the threat of global climate change and the unpredictable weather it creates that could impact our coast and its residents.


Instead, Rouda supports clean solar and wind energy technologies over fossil fuels. This will reduce the impact on climate change while simultaneously develop innovative and growing industries which have the potential to create many good paying jobs.

It is Rouda's focus on this issue that makes him my candidate of choice in the June 5 primary election.

Charles Mooney

Costa Mesa

Democrats may split the 48th vote

It is both sad and ironic that the best opportunity in a generation for constituents in the 48th Congressional District to pick a new representative to address their issues and concerns may be crushed by too many candidates in both parties. If Republican Scott Baugh had not challenged Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), a Democrat would have been assured as a contender for a lackluster politician who is as quirky and politically incorrect as President Donald Trump.

If Democrats Hans Keirstead and Omar Siddiqi had not challenged the newly anointed centrist front-runner, Harley Rouda, the Democrats could be well on their way to victory. Voters now need to play out all the scenarios in order to get a match-up that gives them a choice.

Tim Geddes

Huntington Beach

Airport area is a better choice for development

I saw a thought-provoking questionnaire the other day. It asked if we should put new growth in existing neighborhoods or by the airport. The state is going to require we build more housing, so placing it up by the airport makes more sense to me. It takes the pressure off other areas, but brings resources into our cities to deal with issues like pension debt and the harbor.

A third option was to stop all growth. This does not make sense to me. We can't stop progress, but we can make sure we grow responsibly. Koll Center Residences meets this goal, and I support the project.

Devin Doyle

Newport Beach

Newport is getting too dense

This is to express my opposition to the proposed Koll Center Residences, an oversized high-rise complex of luxury units. When we residents of Newport Beach approved the new General Plan in 2006, we were promised a reduction of traffic and of building. The exact opposite has happened!

Jeanne Fobes

Newport Beach

Stop over-development of Newport

The out-of-town political hacks on the City Council are betting that the public is not paying attention to their actions and after November, free of the need to run again for reelection, they will be empowered to enact a new General Plan that reflects their high-rise vision. It is up to all of us to stop this insidious plan.

Liddy and Scott Paulsen

Newport Beach

Foster children warrant more support

Re: "Mission Viejo mom works to help foster girls get their lives back on track": What a poignant article about this angel, Lauri Burns! Yet, while uplifting it is also a stark reminder of the misery and wretchedness all around us. We all could do more to help and I trust that this story will motivate many of us to do so.

Eberhard Neutz

Laguna Beach

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