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Do you need some ideas for a kids' party? The Newport Beach Public Library has a great selection of books on parties and celebrations, including many that are just for children. All kinds of fun ideas for party themes, games, and crafts are waiting to be discovered in these books.

For the younger set, try "My Party Art Class" written by Nellie Shepherd. This book presents three party themes with invitations, decorations, games, and crafts for young children. Create an underwater party, a garden party, and a magic party. You'll also find tips on planning and implementing a children's craft party.

"Perfect Parties" by Gillian Souter is chock-full of crafts for kids to prepare for and make at parties. Decorate the party with multicolored streamers, make and play a fishing game, create keychain critters and much more. The octopus place card holders are particularly cute.

"The Best Birthday Parties Ever!: A Kid's Do-It-Yourself Guide" by Kathy Ross provides instructions for the invitations, games, crafts, table decorations, and cakes for a dozen birthday parties based on themes such as outer space, puppets, and dinosaurs. There are loads of ideas and detailed instructions for all the crafts — silly hats definitely included.

"The American Girls Party Book: You're Invited!" by Michelle Jones includes ideas and instructions for party decorations, foods, favors, and games reflecting the regions and histories of six American Girls: Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, and Molly. American Girl fans will want to use this for their next party.

"A Smart Girl's Guide to Parties: How to Be a Great Guest, Be a Happy Hostess, and Have Fun at Any Kind of Party" by Apryl Lundsten is from the "Smart Girl's Guide" series and offers advice for upper- elementary and middle-school girls on planning a party. It's packed with creative ideas for invitations, gifts, activities, and decorations for slumber, theme, and seasonal parties.

"The Totally Tea-Rific Tea Party Book: Teas to Taste, Treats to Bake, and Crafts to Make From Around the World and Beyond" by Tanya Napier celebrates tea-drinking customs from around the world and provides ideas for all sorts of charming tea party themes such as: Mad Hats Tea Party and Beau-Tea Party, along with regional themes like Boston Tea Party, Japanese Tea Party, and Indian Tea Party.

"Sleepover Party!: Games and Giggles for a Fun Night" by Jamie Kyle McGillian provides ideas for slumber parties. There are ideas for indoor and outdoor games, icebreakers, craft and food ideas, goodie bags, and good-bye gifts. Several party themes are suggested, including a chapter on a home spa party.

For fantasy fiction fans, "The Book of Wizard Parties: In Which the Wizard Shares the Secrets of Creating Enchanted Gatherings" by Janice Eaton Kilby describes several magically-themed parties along with games and crafts for each theme. A sample of the themes: Chinese Dragon Fete, Merlin's Birthday Parley, and Aladdin's Cave Party.

And for science fiction/Star Wars fans, "The Star Wars Party Book: Recipes and Ideas for Galactic Occasions" by Mikyla Bruder is a must-have book for a Star Wars-themed party. It includes food recipes, craft projects, and games. Some of the ideas are: Death Star Piñata, Clone Trooper Cakes, and Jabba's Juice. Have Fun!

Be sure and stop by the Newport Beach Public Library to check out some fabulous ideas for your next party!

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