Reader dislikes website redesign

I was looking for an obituary that was due to be published Saturday or Sunday. I have checked the Daily Pilot three days running only to see the lemonade stand story and the same single obit — three days running. Nor can I find the columns I loved to read – Geoff West, to name one.

As someone who lives outside Newport Beach, and the state of California, I have depended (for the past four years) on the Daily Pilot to keep me updated on all the political and local shenanigans. What has happened to the Daily Pilot? It's like someone took the paper apart piece by piece and forgot to put it back together. This is not a sign of good efficient management, in my opinion, and if this is the new layout, you have probably lost more than a few readers.

Color me very sad.

Erin Jackson

Ferndale, Mich.

Solar panels should be greener – like the trees

It's easy to see why solar panels along Bayside Drive in Newport Beach are criticized ("Seeing red in 'green' panels," May 29). They look like an industrial building in an area zoned for houses.

If solar promoters wish to get their panels accepted, they should redesign them to look like trees. They should "breathe in" carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and "exhale" oxygen as a byproduct, as well as release electricity into the grid.

By contrast, the Great Park in Irvine should be completely covered with solar panels except for the airplane runways, which are needed for El Toro. Irvine can be "green."

Donald Nyre

Newport Beach

Survey says 2-1 not liking new website

Should I just assume your survey on the new format was nothing more than a "let's tease the readers" process? Very obvious the new format is not what you thought it was going to be and was not very well received by your viewing audience, with almost a 2-1 not liking it.

Jim Richey

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