Mailbag: We need to allow coyotes, pets to coexist

In rebuttal to the article posted about how Costa Mesa will trap coyotes ("Costa Mesa to trap coyotes," March 3): Rather than trapping the coyotes, why not respond to the public outcry that they treat their own pets responsibly and not allow them to roam at night? We should rejoice that there's still some wildlife left in the concrete jungle that we've created for ourselves.

Pets are an artificial means of surrounding ourselves with the animals that we pretend to love. If we love these animals so much, why would they be left outside in the winter cold to become prey for the wildlife that is only responding in a natural way to hunt for food left so conveniently for their sustenance? Learn to appreciate the remnants of nature in the natural world that still surround us.

Elisa Pratt

Costa Mesa


Honor Reagan and the Marines

OK, I've been sounding off about the politicization of the Reagan statue in Newport Beach, now let me offer a constructive suggestion. As governor, Ronald Reagan was involved in the Boy Scouts; in his eight years in office he served as membership roundup chairman for project SOAR and served on the council's advisory board. For his service to the Boy Scouts and youth, he was awarded the Silver Beaver Award, and as a member of the Los Angeles area council, he served as "Scoutorama" chairman.

Back Bay View Park is now located at the site of the famous Boy Scout Jamboree held in July of 1953. It was a big deal for Orange County and Newport Beach and received a great deal of media attention. It is also the reason for the name Jamboree Road. The Marines played a significant role in the Jamboree. Marine helicopters provided coverage for the boys at the beach, and those at the campsite, to ensure safety and protect against accidents. Their presence was impressive to all those in attendance.

This background provides a solution to two problems: finding a connection between Reagan and city property and also returning Castaways Park to its intended natural state. Rededicate the park as Back Bay Memorial Park and place both statues in the park: Reagan memorializing all presidents in their role as commander-in-chief and the Marine statue representing all citizens who served in the military. It seems a perfect use for this otherwise unused park.

Dudley Johnson

Newport Beach


Judge Gray on coal is a winner

The article, ("Could clean water come from coal?" March 6) by Judge Jim Gray is the best piece in the Daily Pilot Sunday edition — the best education story, the best business report, the best on social issues and their importance, the best news story, and the best article for the front page. I believe that is better than a hat trick. Much better!

August Lightfoot

Newport Beach

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