Sounding Off: League exists to serve voters — women and men

The League of Women Voters is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Founded after women's suffrage was adopted, those women who had fought so long for the right to vote set definite goals for this new group. The league would support an informed, participating electorate. That goal has not changed through the past 90 years. What has changed is that it is now an organization of women and men.

How is voter participation supported? Before elections you see league members with registration materials, encouraging citizens to participate in the electoral process. You observe the league advocating for easier access to registration.

What about an informed electorate? Citizens are invited to attend candidates' forums conducted in a non-partisan manner. A league speaker's bureau is available on request to provide an analysis (pros and cons) of ballot issues to interested groups. You will find voter information provided by the league at your library. The Laguna Beach Unit co-sponsors the popular Great Decisions Discussion Groups, which give access to in-depth knowledge of foreign affairs. The Laguna Beach Unit has provided town meetings on a number of issues to provide information to residents about topics that affect our city.

In the next months, the Laguna Beach Unit will sponsor a series of informative town meetings to give community members the opportunity to gain knowledge, and to express their opinions about how issues should be resolved. We appreciate members of Laguna's faith community who are providing meeting space. If you have a suggestion about issues that need exploring, let your voice be heard. If your group would like to have an analysis of the ballot issues for the June election, give us a call at (949) 494-2247.

JEAN RAUN lives in Laguna Beach.

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