Mailbag: Remember, OCC accepts recycling

I read with interest the "Community Commentary" written by Carl Ossipoff in the Daily Pilot on May 3 ("Lack of recycling centers frustrating"). He bemoaned the lack of recycling centers but did fail to mention that Orange Coast College has an excellent recycling center.

Per OCC's website,

"The Orange Coast College Recycling Center will pay back current value of 5 cents per each container under 24 ounces and 10 cents per container 24 ounces or larger of liquid or ready-to-drink products in aluminum, glass, plastic, and bi-metal containers that have the California Redemption Value or CRV message on the label."

They also accept, according to the website, donations of aluminum and tin cans; plastic bottles with codes 1, 2 or 4; glass food and beverage containers; scrap metal, old appliances; all kinds of paper, office paper, computer print-out paper, newspaper, magazines, phone books, books, junk mail, cardboard, shopping bags; and reusable clothing.

The center accepts e-waste, such as unwanted computers and televisions, and household batteries and fluorescent light tubes!

In addition, Mariner's Elementary School on Irvine Boulevard in Newport Beach collects newspapers to enhance the school's programs.

Norma Roberts

Costa Mesa


Newport needs a no-kill shelter

Having recently moved to Corona del Mar from San Clemente, where I had done a little fundraising for the local "no-kill" animal shelter, I was surprised to find the city of Newport Beach does not have a "no-kill" animal shelter. In fact, we no longer have an animal shelter at all after recently contracting out to the city of Huntington Beach to take our lost and abandoned animals.

I am trying to understand the politics involved in taking care of some of the animal population in our beautiful (and very wealthy) city but as far as I can tell, it seems to be a case of Not in My Backyard. It is shameful that we, who live in such luxury, can't do a little something more for the pets many of us claim to love so much.

Michaela Pond

Corona del Mar


Mansoor wrong on concealed weapons

Re.: Allan Mansoor's desire to carry a concealed weapon into the California State Capitol building, his staffer has it right — "To him it's kind of a no-brainer."

Yes, "no-brainer" is an excellent description of the proposal.

Van O. Wright

Costa Mesa

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