Community Commentary: Many ways to keep cats safe from predators

It's wonderful to hear of the happy ending for Batman the cat and that the veterinary folks and neighbors worked so well together to snatch him back from a near-dinner experience with a coyote.

It would be even better if families would take advantage of all the advances in cat enclosures and keep their cats either indoors or in a safe outdoor area where they cannot be harmed by coyotes or other critters seeking food.

There are outdoor enclosures that connect to cat doors that can only be opened by RFID code from a chip on the cat's collar; fishnet-style enclosures that allow cats to sun on the deck without wandering (the type I have); and full-on, nearly invisible fencing that keeps cats from leaving the yard.

Just Google "cat enclosures" and you'll keep yourselves busy for hours exploring the options! Prices vary, but there are some very reasonable options.

Cats can happily live indoors, but they are endlessly curious about what's happening on the other side of the window. By keeping them safe, indoors or out, many heartaches might be eliminated! And don't forget to register that microchip number to yourself for any pet once they become part of your family!

SANDI CAIN lives in Laguna Beach.

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