Mailbag: Return Reagan statue to donors

The destructive action visited upon the statue of President Reagan is shameful, as is any act of vandalism ("Reagan statue damaged," Nov. 8). However, only the naive would be surprised that mean-spirited persons would one day or another choose to damage, steal or destroy it.

Our charming former president, because of his political philosophy and consequent decisions, evokes strong reactions from the political left and right. Our vandalized statue was privately imagined, funded, promoted and then unusually maneuvered through the City Council so that it could be placed in the very public Bonita Canyon Sports Park.

The political process employed was irregular and troubling, and our civic leaders should have known better. However, they were blinded; and now we receive the burdensome consequences of their poor judgment.

The city of Newport Beach should not be saddled with the cost of the repair, reinstallation and future protection of a statue that did not arise out of popular desire, and which does not now serve the common good. Now is the moment for the statue to be returned to its donors, so that they can place it on private property that is secure.

Msgr. Wilbur Davis

Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Newport Beach

Well, last time we checked, the Daily Pilot was a local paper covering areas such as Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar and Costa Mesa. So, we just wanted to thank you for the, "oh by the way" caption in your Nov. 18 water polo article, "CdM, Tars get high seeds." Eight paragraphs in and there is a dedicated five sentences to the other local team, Costa Mesa.

Thankfully, my wife has great eyesight, otherwise we would have missed this footnote unless we did an Internet search.

Dave and Cindy Connors

Costa Mesa

* Balance socialism, capitalism

I was involved in a business situation with someone when I guess I made some sort of left-leaning comment. I later received an email from this person talking about the tyranny and failures of socialism and the virtues of capitalism. He then asked if I was an Obama supporter.

Here was my response:

It's not a matter of socialism or capitalism because all societies have some of both. It's a matter of balance between the two. Right now, we're out of balance and need to address this situation. As far as an Obama supporter, I guess you would call me more of a Clintonite than anything else.

Based on the fact he left office with a surplus and that the next election was basically a tie, the country seemed to be in balance at that time. In addition, Hillary has done a damn good job as secretary of state, considering the world's turmoil.

Darrell Pash

Corona del Mar

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