Mailbag: Former county treasurer is one to talk

Re: "Libertarianism is our American roots," Community Commentary, Dec. 22: This letter is in response to the publication of Chriss Street's letter concerning libertarianism and Washington "fat cats." My first response is, really? With Street's financial history, one would think he would smell his own hypocrisy a mile away; however, as with many in politics, their sense of smell — like their other actions — stinks.

Not long ago Street, the former county treasurer, was court-ordered to pay $7 million for mismanaging a bankruptcy receivership. (Editor's note: Street appealed that decision to a higher court late last year.) Now, Street is railing against "fat cats." Enough said about that.

Now, about the libertarian issue. I assume Street jumped on the Ron Paul bandwagon just before he realized it was going into the ditch. I hope Paul wins the Republican nomination (he won't) because that would necessitate a third party run by the more centrist Republicans, meaning Barack Obama wins.

And, although there is always something Paul says that I can agree with, it is always overshadowed by the idiotic things he says (his racist comments, his comments on letting the uninsured die, legalizing heroin, etc.). So, even if we consider the libertarian views as being viable and potentially nationally electable, was Street the proper person to be the author of those views?

Jay B. Litvak

Costa Mesa


Be cautious of Islam

Re. "'Islamophobia' used too loosely," (Mailbag, Dec. 30): Islam is not a religion, it is a political state (just like Judaism) with its own version of the Democrats and Republicans — they are called the Sunni and Shia. Americans, don't for one minute let the Muslims use our own religious tolerance against us. A religion does not punish "sin" by stoning. And that the Muslims want to now have our country to enforce their laws inside our borders is outrageous and beyond the pale.

Every American should stand up and protest this affront to our Constitution. And, women of this country, you should be on the forefront. A woman is set to be stoned to death for adultery. And yet, there is no mention of the punishment for the man with whom she committed this act. She dies for what they did. He gets to go do it again. Wake up, America. The threat is real.

Vicki Bowers

Newport Beach


Strangers' generosity helps out families

Every Christmas, people make special efforts to help the day laborers who gather in Laguna Beach. This year a gentleman showed up at the Laguna Beach Day Worker Center and gave the staff $2,000 and asked them to distribute it and thanked the men for being models of hard workers supporting their families. A lot of people had a better Christmas because of his generosity. So thank you, kind stranger. Your anonymity is safe with us, but your charity will echo through the community for a long time.

David Peck

Laguna Beach

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