Mailbag: Vote was a win for residents

Hooray for the Huntington Beach City Council for passing higher fees for developers (Re. "Council approves increase," June 21).

Anything that discourages developers from coming to our city is OK in my book. The insane rush to increase densities in parts of Huntington Beach that are already seriously impacted may fatten developers' bank accounts, but it leaves the rest of us to put up with more gridlock and air and noise pollution.

David Carlberg

Huntington Beach


'Swing' candidate could be crucial

It is fast approaching the ramp-up for City Council races and the traditional campaign kickoffs next month. With one incumbent (Devin Dwyer) almost a lock to get reelected, that leaves two remaining seats up for grabs.

If former Mayor and City Council stalwart Jill Hardy decides to enter the race, she would almost assuredly win one of the seats and, like Connie Boardman in 2010, come in first overall. That would create a split on the City Council between the Old Guard (conservatives Dwyer, Joe Carchio and Matthew Harper) and the New Guard (progressives Boardman, Hardy and Joe Shaw).

One "swing vote" seat would remain.

Huntington Beach voters must make up their minds whether they want a progressive council majority who solves problems and addresses community concerns, or a status quo council who caters to developers and special interests and ignores their constituents.

If this scenario holds, all of the remaining candidates will be judged on whether they are looking forward or backward in serving the city in public office. That is the choice we will be facing in November.

Tim Geddes

Huntington Beach


Wanted: a 12-year-old commentator

Your column in the Independent, "City Lights: Let's avoid election cycle circus," May 31", was completely full of errors after the second paragraph.

Perhaps you should do more research besides Google when discussing politics. My 12-year-old is more in tune with politicians than you are. You are only contributing to the ignorance of the "media-frenzy American" as opposed to the factual one.

Your stupidity about Ron Paul and comparisons to the Huntington Beach City Council just shows that they will give anybody a section in a free newspaper (i.e. no research or actual facts needed to fill space).

Perhaps before you write a column, your research should go beyond Google before you write something as ignorant!

Malia Rayne

Huntington Beach

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